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HCG Diet Side Effects – What are the Potential Side Effects

HCG Diet side effects

One of the hardest things about starting a new diet is learning to deal with the potential side effects. Side effects tend to make you feel sick, miserable, and wishing that you had never started a diet in the first place. As you can imagine, the more side effects that a diet has, the more likely it is that someone will give up before finishing the diet plan. Luckily the HCG diet side effects are relatively low in comparison to most diet plans.

When you are trying to weight out what side effects you might have on this diet, the first thing you should consider is your gender. Men and women have a very different body chemistry and this can easily lead to very different side effects. The next thing you should think about is how you will be taking your HCG. There are two ways to get HCG into your system, shots and drops. For most people, they take the shots as it is so effective and popular. For other people, they will choose to take drops, these drops might not be as effective as shots but they tend to be much more convenient.

Obviously, just like with all diets, the HCG diet side effects will be different for each person. Our bodies are each unique so it is very likely that we will each have different side effects. For instance, let’s say that both you and your friend are doing the HCG diet together, it is very possible that you will have different HCG diet side effects than your friend does. It is also just as possible that you won’t have any side effects even though your friend has many of them.

One thing you should consider before starting the HCG diet is the amount of calories you are expected to eat during phase 2. This is the phase where you will literally go from gorging yourself with food to a simple diet of only 500 calories a day. When you consider that the average adult requires about 2,000 calories a day, it is easy to see that HCG diet side effects are very likely. But rather than the side effects being from the HCG itself, these effects could easily be from the lack of calories. Things like nausea, hunger, or possibly even dizziness are all things that can happen when you skip meals or don’t meet your daily calorie intake.

HCG Diet Side effects may include:

    1. Headache : Some people experience headaches during the first week. You are free to use the pain medication of your choice to treat headaches.
    2. Mild dizziness : This symptom usually goes away after the first week.
    3. Constipation : On a low-calorie diet, it’s normal for bowel movements to come less often, sometimes just once every 3 or 4 days. This isn’t constipation. If you truly feel constipated, you can take a mild, sugar-free
    4. Rash (very rare) : As your body consumes fat, normal toxins are released into your body. Because of the speed at which your body consumes fat on the HCG diet, these toxins can build up and cause a minor rash.
    5. Leg cramps (rare) : Cramps may occur due to the lack of potassium in the Core Phase diet.
    6. Nutrition : Nutrition deficiencies shouldn’t be a problem when the diet protocol is followed correctly. You get nutrition from the fat cells your body consumes. According to Dr. Simeons, “Only the actual fat is burned up; all the vitamins, the proteins, the blood, and the minerals which this tissue contains in abundance are fed back into the body.”

The good news is that whether these are HCG diet side effects or just side effects from eating less calories, they should pass quickly. In fact, it is not uncommon for people on the HCG diet to find that after just three days on the injection they are feeling no side effects at all, although sometimes women claim to have irregular menstrual cycles.

If you are thinking about starting the HCG diet it is important to remember that the side effects tend to pass quickly and all things considered HCG diet side effects are much more mild than the side effects of most diets. You should also remember that each person is unique and it is very possible that you won’t have any side effects on this diet.

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