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Specific Food Choices To Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism Foods

List of Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

The principal is to avoid as much processed foods as possible to boost your metabolism. The things you’ll find on the list that follow taste great and all have fat burning properties. Incorporate them into your diet and the fat burning flames will burn higher and brighter!

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #1 – Salmon

The overall health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids are pretty remarkable. Among them is that they help optimize metabolism. There’s hardly a better whole food choice of Omega 3’s than salmon. The combination of healthy protein and fats can’t be beat. Eat salmon as often as you are able.

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #2 – Yogurt

Now please understand, this doesn’t mean the style of yogurt that comes packed with sugary fruit on the bottom, but instead plain (preferably organic) yogurt. Yogurt again provides us with much needed protein, but is also packed with pro-biotics which not only help the digestive process, fight belly fat, but some scientists also say boosts metabolism. Eat more yogurt and get the flat stomach you’ve been dreaming of. Makes both a great breakfast and snack choice.

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #3 – Avocado

One of the enemies of a fast metabolism is inflammation. No common food fights inflammation as well as avocado. Add avocado to your salads, as a side with your dinner and as a snack in the form of guacamole. In addition to its inflammation fighting power avocado is packed with fiber, which will go a long way in helping you feel full even while you’re eating smaller meals. Try for one serving a day.

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #4 – Chili Peppers

If you love hot food you are in luck! Chili peppers give a huge boost to metabolism. Now I understand they aren’t for all of us, but if you enjoy (or can tolerate) the taste dig in. The best choices include jalapeno, chipolte and habanero, along with Thai peppers. The hotter the better!

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #5 – Beans

Inexpensive and high in fiber beans are an ideal choice to make your body burn more calories day in and out. They are near perfect for boosting metabolism and should become a constant companion with all of your major meals. Recent research points to the starch in beans causing a 25% jump in energy expenditure during the digestion process. Remember, this ends up equally less calories that you have to worry about burning through other means which can be a real blessing.

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism #6 – Coffee

Great for energy and excellent for your metabolism. Just be sure you don’t make it into a calorie packed monstrosity. Go black with stevia for sweetness and keep it simple. Coffee will likely be your best friend as you work your way through our Guide! The more energy we have the more we can get done, after all.

This shouldn’t be considered an exclusive list of metabolic boosting foods, just a good starting point. Feel free to research and explore!

Eat Organic Fruit And Vegetables With Edible Skin

Yes, going “all organic” can be expensive. On a budget the best thing you can do for your metabolism is to at least try to go with organic veggies with edible skin. This includes tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, apples and pears. The skin of these fruits and vegetables free of harmful chemicals augments your metabolism rather than slows it down. The more you eat, especially of the organic vegetables, the better. Aim for three servings a day as a bare minimum.

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List of Foods to Boost Metabolism

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